About Me

Hello. My name is Thad Murwin… In May of 1994, when I was twenty nine, I left the east coast in search of sunshine and a life on the Colorado front range.

I had worked with concrete most of my life but was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the demand for natural stone hardscaping in the Denver and Boulder areas.

For the next ten years I stayed very busy building retaining walls and  flagstone patios in Boulder and surounding towns. During this time I was also buying fix-up homes in the area including a house in Leadville. While in the mountains for a couple years I completed many stone projects in Leadville, Vail, Breckenridge and Frisco.

In September of 2005 I moved to Malibu where I spent a year completing an extensive project for my Aunt and Uncle. I then moved to San Diego where I continued honing my skills for the next five years. This past August 2011 I  purchased a great home in Broomfield. Excited to be back in view of the Rocky Mountains, I plan to reconnect with some previous clients while aquiring new work, new  friends and future references.

I view myself as an artist with an impeccable work ethic. I love the physical and creative aspect of my work and will always see ever project to completion before starting new work.

I’ve had some amazing traveling experiences over the years and now enjoy working on my house, singing, dancing and playing recreational sports in my spare time.

Thank you for reading and please call me anytime to schedule a free estimate.

Thad Murwin

Denver:          303-906-2898
San Diego:    619-252-0522